coming soon..... (not for sale)

1995 Manta McLaren M6B-GT Stage III Turbo

Only 133 where ever made, this is #83. How many are left that exist?

She has only 22K miles her.


New 2010 ZO6 Corvette 505HP next to a

1995 Manta McLaren M6B-GT intercooled turbo 375 HP for comparison

Me with my 1990 McLaren at Top Of The Hill Grill 2009

1986 Pontiac Fiero GT-V8

Very rare and unique!

Corvette 350 injected TPI

Approximately 325 HP, never dynoed, maybe more!

4 speed stick ...

Custom roller cam to match TPI..and to many itmes to list,

Build sheet available

5K miles on motor


28 MPG ...............165 MPH


1991 Subaru 2 2 literTurbo Sport Sedan only 99K miles from Montana


$5,495.00 Entertaining serious offers

Very rare 5 sp manual stick



soon too preview...

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tee-shirts, bumper stickers and key chains!

That's only if you are truly car crazy!

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The Internet Dating Service

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Single Nonsmokers internet dating service is definitely the hottest thing in relationship building since the advent of Cupid.

When you put nonsmoking singles together in an atmosphere where they are comfortable and relaxed....magic happens. At Single Nonsmokers Internet Dating Service we believe in that magic and it starts out with a healthy relationship....hence the title.

Single Nonsmokers.

If you are a smoker and are looking to quit, we can accommodate you with our organization .... 603-256-8686

The nonsmoking singles that join Single Nonsmokers are very diverse in their work. Our dating service membership consists of doctors, lawyers, teachers, students, farmers and everything in between.

We cater to those in the valleys, deep in the cities and we reach down into old winding roads delivering our nonsmoking singles messages.

Tell us about yourself, likes, dislikes, physical characteristics, hobbies, interests, achievements and your goals, in general, what you are searching for in compatibility with your nonsmoking mate.

We are a nonsmoking internet dating service dedicated for lifetime companionship oriented people that desire other single nonsmokers. We are not against smokers and there practices, it's just when others approach Single Nonsmokers Internet Dating Service and tell us their wishes to meet up and mate with another single nonsmoker, we are there for them just for that single purpose.

Here is a sample ad:

F31 - 03000 * Taos New Mexico

Hello, my name is Cathy. I am a single nonsmoker, 31 years old, a part time model, never married and studying to be an attorney. I do visit the night clubs with my girl friends but have not met Mr. right yet. If you would like to meet a nonsmoking singles tall blonde with big green eyes that stands 5'9", weighs 122 lbs. A looker in a bikini, you could be a looker along side of me as my life partner. Do you scuba dive, parachute, play guitar, maybe sing a little? How about horseback, hike and picnic in the mountains? I'll rub your feet if you'll rub mine back. Please be between the ages of 30-45. I love children, so if you have any, that's fine with me and actually a plus. Send a photo and I will do the same.

Here is a sample ad:

M61 - 01042 * New York City

Are you my dream girl...?? Busy professional dealing with importing and exporting classic and exotic motor cars seems to not have enough time in the day to search for my elusive mate. I am age 61 a single nonsmoker, look 40..."really"! My height is 6'2" 210 lbs and I have black hair with a hint of grey and blue eyes. My fathers hair was starting to grey when he was in his 60's too, so my age is apparent to his change as well. My love for athletics keep me young and active. Do you enjoy some of my activities... skiing both water and snow, hiking, camping, playing the piano and singing, going to the race track..i.e. Monte Carlo and the Indy 500. Like nice classic motor cars, perhaps the Gumball Rally or Cannonball Run or Mercedes Benz, Jaguar, Ferrari...etc. I love to paint and consider myself to be pretty good at it, especially sun sets and the Maine coast. Please be between 45-65, a nonsmoking singles lady, average weight is OK, children are fine, mine are colleged and of course on their own spread out all over the world. Please be a non-smoker and light social drinker. I also love pets and animals in general and have several horses and dogs and cats . My small dog that lives with me is a collie and her name is Albatross. The GUMBALL RALLY or Cannonball Run would be so cool to drive in from New York to SanFrancisco. Just to win the gumball or cannonball run would be awesome

Here is a sample ad:

F49 - 00841 * Boston Massachusetts

Hey Cupid..... have any eligible bachelors for me to see? They say what you see is what you get, in this case FOCACA, or focaca = Freedom of Choice among Competing Alternatives .... now that definitely is the case. What you do see when you meet me is an ever changing me for the good. I consider myself a little over weight but loosing. I am 5'7" a single nonsmoker, blonde hair, green eyes and I weigh 147 lbs, I'd like to get to 128 and I would be happy. My exercise regiment consists of running a mile a day, I know it's not that much, but I do it consistently. I am working up to 5 miles eventually. I also swim two times a week to keep fit as well and do aerobics with a class. My hobbies are considered those that I just mentioned, cooking, drawing, flying a plane...."do you trust me, I hope so". I would love to parachute! Hey lets live on the wild side and try new things. I also love Harleys and own a 92 Road King. If you like new and exciting things, this lady would love to get to know a nonsmoking singles man like you. Photo at your request and please do the same. Sorry no smokers or party drinkers.

What other past members and present members have said! TESTIMONIES

I would have never in my born days tried anything like this ....but it worked and I found an incredible nonsmoking gal Erica F38 * 00288 - Boise Idaho, we did live hundreds of miles apart but our love was like a flower and like magic, we grew together like two peas in a pod! Thanks Single NonSmokers and thanks Brad... "Danny G."--- M46 * 00421 - Tacoma Washington

Dear Single NonSmokers...Please remove my name & ad from your publication and place it on inactive. I'm no longer available to correspond with all these attractive guys out there. I couldn't believe the responses I have gotten the past few months. It was worth the membership. Happy New Year to you all!.... "Bonnie N" ...F44 * 690 Hampton VA

Thanks were right , it worked and I'm getting married to Elizabeth F71 * 00886 - Taos New Mexico, a single nonsmoker who would of known. Thanks also for the little help, I know you do not do match making anymore, but with a little prodding by you on answering her ad, that was the key! THANKS AGAIN!!! " Steven D."---M77 * 04287 - Key West Florida

This is all to new for me......... I will keep watching all your ads, it seems your single nonsmoker ads are everywhere from magazines to bumper stickers, got any tee shirts made???.... I just lost my mate and it is going to take some time but will tell my friends, maybe a tee shirt might get a mate for me??.... "Angela S."--- Austin Texas

Ok.... send me your information I am a single nonsmoker , my friend loves your service, she says it's about time I try something different too. Instead of hoping Mr. right would just come into my life.... I'll give destiny a try like she said..... I like laundry mats...but geeeesh I also like to wash clothes not get picked up. Some men have terrible one liners and it turns me off. Some men could at least say...something original?...Donna P.--- London England

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Your ad will be placed exactly the way you submit it to us. If your grammar is bad we will attempt to help your ad out with proper punctuation. We have the right to edit any improper language that is deemed necessary.

  • We review all applications.
  • You must E-mail for an application form first.
  • We do not accept membership without a members file on record.
  • previews, no free trials. We are designed for those searching for a lifetime mate.
  • But.......every so often we give a couple of free one month memberships to a lucky
  • E-mail us, you could be a lucky winner!!!

  • A one year VIP. Subscription to Single Nonsmokers is $65.00.
  • This includes your personal ad up to 75 words or less printed in a singles magazine mailed to you first class!
  • The VIP. Membership also entitles a member to place his or her membership on hold as long as they wish and publish a free photo too.
  • Membership can be transferred to another person if he/she wishes to give up said membership.
  • The qualifications for transferring a VIP. Membership has to meet certain criteria put forth by Single Nonsmokers.
  • A six month subscription is $55.00 a photo is $5.00 extra.
  • There is a $3.00 forwarding fee for each member you choose to correspond with.
  • Directions on forwarding letters are explained on the members magazine page.
  • Make your check or money order out to SN*I-USA.
  • Personal checks are gladly accepted, except there is a 30 day waiting period for them to clear.

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Excellent site with technical medical knowledge easily understood. I highly recommend it!Med Help


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